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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Digivolving Spirits Metalgarurumon Official Images

Bandai has released the official images of Metalgarurumon, the next Digimon Digivolving figure that will be releasing in the Digivolving Spirits line.

Much like the upcoming Wargeymon that will be released in November, Metalgarurumon is a retool of the old Digivolving toy that was released 18 years ago; now with new improvements in toy engineering: the figure will be more proportionate, better sculpt and detailing. Like Wargreymon, Metalgarurumon will also have die-cast parts on the toy assimilating the Digimon's Chrome Digizoid armor plating.

Bandai has already lined up Diablomon as the next Digivolving figure following Metalgarurumon's release. Digivolving Spirits Metalgarurumon is slated to be released January next year; 3 months after Wargreymon's scheduled release, priced at 7,776 Yen.

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