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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Digivolving Spirits Wargreymon Official Images

Bandai is restarting their Digimon toy series called Digivolving Spirits and the first toy that will be released in the line is none other than Wargreymon.

Why restarting? For starters, the Digivolving Spirits or Choshinkan Damashii [超進化魂] is an improvement version of Bandai's old Digivolving series toyline which started in 1999 when the first series, Digimon Adventure aired in Japan. The new line will re-release the old Digimon toys with new improvements to their joints, sculpt, transformation gimmick and detail on their figures using the latest technology. Also, they now incorporated die-cast parts and chrome finish on the figure which gives the figure "cuteness" on the pre-evolution and "coolness" on post-evolution. Digimon fans and die-hard collectors are now given a new chance to own these figures that they were unable to buy during their childhood when it was first released 18 years ago.

The first figure in the line, Wargreymon is a major improvement of its Digivolving toy version which has improved joints, and overall proportions on the figure in both his Agmon and Wargreymon evolution forms. I personally own a Digivolving Wargreymon figure (which its still sealed and autographed by the anime series producer, which I wanted to brag a little :) ) but this is a huge improvement (check out the comparison image) and I'm not going to think twice in getting him (if my budget permits, that is).

Check out the promotional video for Wargreymon. Bandai has already plans to release Metal Garurumon as the next Digivolving Spirits figure. Digivolving Spirits Wargreymon is slated for November release, priced at 7,020 Yen.

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