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Monday, August 07, 2017

A Week Of Headache: Internet Connection Problem And A Blacklisted Blog Site

Last week was a frickin' headache for me because I can't blog much because of my f*cked up internet connection (problem persisted for almost 2 weeks) and to make matters worst, this blog got blacklisted on search engines and particularly, the whole internet.

After 3 weeks of inactivity due to some "roadblocks", work, and more "detours" on my activities (which I also got sick for almost a week at that time), I finally have the time to write some pending articles and (literally lots of articles) to post, about 2 Thursdays ago, I've been having problems with our internet connection at home due to the typhoon we've had. Due to that I cant blog properly and I've already called our ISP provider many times to address issue, but they haven't got around on our problem and I got so pissed that I have to relocate to my friend's house to blog.

At first I was able to blog around two weekends ago while I was at my friend's house. But when I got back home, internet's still has a problem and I called again the ISP to fix this ASAP, even the storm has cleared up and again, I already exploded in anger because nobody's been to my house to even try check the problem. I also even threatened them (the ISP) if they don't fix this problem immediately, we will not pay the monthly bill that's coming soon. While waiting for that, I went back to my friend's house last Thursday to catch up some post follow-ups on the WonFest 2017 Summer reports, to my surprise this site got blacklisted and its not showing-up on my web browser.

I did some diagnostic check on my site, I found out that Google blacklisted it and found a malware in my site, mostly on my widgets or ads. I posted my frustration over on my Facebook wall about what happened to my site and some of my Blogger friends commented and some gave me advice on how to remove it, even removing some comments on my blog that's been detecting suspicious links. What I did is I followed their advice: removed the suspicious malware widget and links that's been in my comments section, well it took me an hour to fix it. Then re-submitted the site via the Google Webmaster tools to de-blacklist it. I also did a diagnostic check also on the other site, Robot Pilipinas and so far its still clean. After the submission, Google told me that my blog site will be restored in 3 days upon the submission of the problem.

While I was waiting for my site to return, I posted articles on Robot Pilipinas to keep myself busy for the moment. The next day, I called my brother and asked him if the tech staff from the ISP already came, he did mentioned it and told me about the problem, which I found out it was an internal problem: the extension line that modem was connected which is located in my room has no dialtone signal and tried to fix it but still has problem. What they did is transferred the modem to the main line and now its working again. Since the modem is on the 2nd floor (my room where the extension line is located) is on the ground floor and luckily the modem has a built-in WiFi router, I was able to connect again to my PC (via its internal WiFi board). Then last Saturday night, my site is now de-blacklisted and working again. Its business as usual. Now getting back to work and finish some pending articles to be posted.

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