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Monday, February 09, 2009

Heer0san's Collection: TFU Cyclonus

I've finally put my new toy gallery for 2009, Here's first of my toy image gallery this year, I give you, Transformers Universe Cyclonus with Night Stick.

Check out my gallery of this sought after figure by clicking on the image.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Heer0san's Blog: My Early Birthday Gift for Myself...

It's too early to celebrate my 33th Birthday but I want it to be different this year because I want to celebrate also the anniversaries of 2 of my favorite franchise series: 30th Anniversary of Gundam and 25th Anniversary of Transformers.

And to start the celebration I bought 1st of my birthday gift for myself, my 2nd Master Grade Gundam model that I acquired and the most expensive that I bought, the Strike Freedom Gundam FULL BURST MODE set which I got it from GT Greenhills this afternoon in which I reserved it weeks before. There goes my budget... again. XD

Though I didn't plan to buy this as my birthday gift and since its Transformers, I decided to get it anyway, a loose TF Animated Blurr.

I can't wait for March to come (my birth month) when I get my 2nd half of my birthday present, a MP (Masterpiece) Grimlock. ;D

Heer0san's Blog: My Recent Toy Hauls...

Its kinda late post for this entry because I've had some stuff on my mind lately. Well anyway, here are my late January toy hauls...

Finally, I acquired 2 of the last Musha Keroro Robo models, Giroro Robo and Dororo Robo and now my set is complete. Since GI Joe comes again with the upcoming movie and celebrating its anniversary last year, I purchased another figure besides from the Storm Shadow that I acquired last year.

With the GI Joe Resolute animation figures like Duke and Cobra Commander Resolute versions are now hard to find nowadays, toy collectors double the value of these figures,and that is not so cool. However, just last week I finally acquired the big snake in one of the shops in Greenhills and what do you know, I got it on SRP. Lucky! :D


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