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Friday, June 02, 2017

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Circuit Break Officially Announced

Konami will be releasing Circuit Break: their 2nd booster pack for the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG's 10th booster pack series following Code of the Duelist.

The upcoming booster pack will include new support for GO Onizuka's Gouki deck as well as new Link monster cards that will give edge to existing Meta decks. Aside from Gouki, new support for other decks will be included in this set such as Mermail, Fire King, and it will also feature the first support cards for the Metaphys archetype.

The highlight of this booster pack release marks the debut of the Knights of Hanoi leader, Revolver's Vullet deck which includes his ace Link monster, Varrel Lord Dragon which is also served the latter as the cover packaging for the booster pack.

Like Code of the Duelist, there are a total of 80 cards in the Circuit Break booster set or 103 cards in the master set and each pack contains 5 cards with a chance of getting a Rare, Super Rare, Secret Rare, Ultra/Ultimate Rare and Ghost/Holographic Rare cards. Circuit Break booster pack hits the card shops July 8th, priced at 143 Yen per pack.

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