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Monday, June 05, 2017

Nendoroid Sagiri Izumi Official Images

"Onii-chan, BAKA!!!" GOOD SMILE COMPANY will be releasing their cute chibi version of Sagiri Izumi AKA Eromanga Sensei, the titular character of the popular Light novel and Anime series of the same name in their Nendoroid line.

Sagiri in her Eromanga Sensei getup, complete with her signature mask, headset, hoodie jacket, drawing tablet and pile of papers of her artwork to conceal her identity online while she do illustration demos to her fans. I was hoping they included a hood accessory to her head to fully conceal her but unfortunately, they didn't include it.

She comes with three facial expressions: smiling, embarrassed and the most favorite, her shouting expression which she can shout at her stepbrother, calling him an idiot. Other accessories will include optional arms, and the standard Nendoroid display base.

Nendoroid Sagiri is slated for November release, priced at 4,200 Yen.

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