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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love Live! Sunshine Official Idol Group Name Revealed

Dengeki G's Magazine recently conducted a poll to their readers of fan submissions of the official idol group name for the upcoming 2nd Love Live! School idol project series, Love Live! Sunshine and the results are in; the official name of the group is revealed.

The fans voted the name Aqours [lit. pronounced as Aqua] as the official name for the new idol unit in the upcoming Love Live! series. The reader's voted the name out of the 2 other top names on the poll: Palettes! and Lir. The readers chose Aqours over the two is because the name is based on the official setting for the series which is a seaside setting, so the name they voted makes sense. This is the same polling contest the editors did when the readers chose the name μ's [Muse] as the official idol group from the 1st Love Live! series way back in 2010.

Since the official name for the idol group has been decided, Dengeki G's Magazine announced the debut single of Aqours will be released on October 7. Still no word when the new series will air, so we have to wait for their official announcement. The new Love Live! Sunshine series will star Go-Busters' Arisa Komiya, voicing as Dia Kurosawa.

Source: AmiAmi Blog

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