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Monday, June 08, 2015

Latest Toy Hauls: Snag Me Some Digimon Toys

Latest toy hauls of very rare Armor Digivolving Digmon Adventure 02 figures image 00

Earlier tonight I was on my usual expeditions, hunting items for my collection or easy flips, and I did not expect what to find in my hunt, a toy lot set of Rare Digimon toys. I know with the upcoming ToyCon (which is next week already) and with a limited budget funds to cover my expenses for the 3 day event since the money I've saved up for 4 months is reserved for my pre-order of Transformers Unite Warriors Superion set (which is due out this month), I couldn't pass up the opportunity on what I found and so in the end, I bought the lot which left me a hole in my pocket. Even with the setback, the lot is really worth the buy and I'll tell you why:

The lot I bought was a Digimon toyline that was never produced outside of Japan, that line was called the DigiArmor Evolution series, produced by Bandai which was released in 2000 in conjunction with the series, Digimon Adventure 02. The toyline features Digimon figures that comes with a corresponding DigiMental Armor (DigiEgg in the US dub), combining the Digimon and the armor "Armor Digivolves" to an powerful armored Digimon. Another gimmick to this line is that since the DigiMental Armor can be broken down to armor parts that attaches to the Digimon, those parts can combine with the other sets in the line to make multiple armor combinations (which I don't like doing this gimmick).

Armor Digivolving Hawkmon with DigMental Armor of Love and Purity image 00

Like I said before, the toyline was never released outside of Japan (Bandai instead released Digivolving Armor figure line; a similar gimmick from the previous Digimon toyline released a year before and it is released to the Asian and international market). Only 4 figure sets (consist of V-Mon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon and Patamon) and 4 additional Armor sets were released which makes the DigiArmor Evolution toyline series very, very hard to find and a must have for Digimon collectors such as myself.

Armor Digivolving Armadillomon with DigMental Armor of Knowledge and Sincerity image 00

From the lot that I got, I was very lucky because I got the complete sets of Armadillomon with the DigiMental of Knowledge (Armor Digivolves to Digmon) and the additional armor, DigMental of Sincerity (Armor Digivolve to Submarimon). Also I got Hawkmon with the DigiMental of Love (Armor Digivolve to Holsmon) and the additional armor, DigMental of Purity (Armor Digivolve to Shurimon). Aside from that sets, I also got a Digivolving MetalGarurumon figure which Digivolves from Gabumon (not shown in pic). 

So far, I already have 3 figures in that line (I got V-Mon with the 2 DigiMental Armors years ago and a boxed Sumbarimon and Magnamon armors 2 years ago making the Submarimon armor that I got today was an extra set), the only missing that from the line is Patamon which I'm on the hunt for it, and after I completed the line, I can now retire from collecting Digimon toys (unless I plan to buy the D-Arts figs, if the price is right).

And since I already have 3 figs and 7 Armors, (time to dig up V-Mon and the 4 armors from my toy box) I can make a toy reviews for these figures, if I have the time, effort and motivation to do so, which I'm pretty suck at doing since it takes a whole a lot of my time and energy. But I will try to make it happen (crossing fingers).

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