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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yu-Gi-Oh! Clash of Rebellions Booster Pack Is Out

Last Saturday, Yu-Gi-Oh! players were already excited that the latest booster pack, Clash of Rebellions is already out in the card market and I bought new cards from that booster pack that want for my deck.

Though I wanted to buy a booster pack, but given to my tight budget and my commitments in acquiring funds for my pre-order of TF Unite Warriors Superion (which is out in June), and I have bad luck in card pulls of getting a rare card, so for me, buying a pack is not an option. So instead, I'm getting the single cards that I only need to strengthen the 3rd deck build I've made.

So I only acquired the Deskbot 005 card set (since my 3rd deck is focused on the Deskbot meta) and its a big boost for my deck. Also, I gave in in buying a rare card which is also my 1st XYZ Pendulum card and also my first Odd-Eyes card, I bought Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Ultimate Rare card, though I haven't thought how will I put this in the extra deck of my 1st deck which I'm still currently rebuilding it. No matter, but for now, will keep this card in my personal collection binder.

Now that Deskbot 005 is already in my deck, I'm still working on changing my tactics, since a lot of changes in this deck I already made including the addition of Clearwing Synchro Dragon in my Extra deck line-up and still will do some more changes in the roster to make the deck stronger. Hopefully, I can try it out the finished build I made this coming Saturday.

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