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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Getting Myself Injured During Work

There are things that I always wanted to avoid and that getting myself injured while working is one of them. But that thing just happened and it sucks.

Here's the story: I was at my contract work at my former company, doing maintenance / cleaning on the PC units yesterday afternoon, minding my own business when the unthinkable happened: while cleaning one of the unit's CPU casing frame, my finger slipped at the soft aluminum backplate console of the motherboard while washing it with detergent, that slip cuts right through my index finger like a razor blade (literally quite sharp) and bled instantly without the pain and its very quite deep cut. I was able to remove my bleeding finger off the unit not to stain it, but I made quite a mess at the compound parking lot while holding it and cleaning it. The good thing is that the injury incident didn't happened inside the office (which I was thankful for) otherwise I would have mopped the floor cleaning my mess I've made.

While there, I was looking for help and good thing the guard on duty was sitting at the compound and assisting me getting the first aid kit inside the office. It took around 3-5 mins getting the box while I was literally profusely bleeding outside, the guard managed to find the first aid kit, it was located in the accounting dept. and its a good thing the accounting room is not yet locked (the staff already left the office before I got myself injured). It took at least 3 persons (myself included) to get the finger to stop bleeding, which it took at least 6 mins to patch my index finger.

With that settled, I was able to resume my work, with just one problem: getting to work faster with an injury on my right hand. It took me a while to finish the task of cleaning and reassembling the workstation unit and get my finger cleaned during my breaks (I had 3 breaks just to get the wet bandages replaced on my finger) and it was a tiresome thing to do which I ended up extending my shift till 7:30.

With all of the work I've done for that day, as I was packing up, thinking cleaning my finger when I get home but I lack some items needed to clean it. Before I went home, I was able to drop by at the nearest shopping mall just to get the items I needed and lacking (the medicines I needed are still available at home so I didn't buy). So in the end, I was able to buy a box of gauze, 1 roll of cotton and a medical tape.

I'll clean my injury later before I go to bed. I was planning to have my room a total cleaning spree later (because there was a vermin literally made a mess in here) but because of the injury that I've sustained, I'm going to pass this opportunity until my finger got better. This is my first work-related injury I've had this year and this is by far the worst cut that I've encountered. So on the next contract work sched, my mind is focused on one thing: always be careful in doing task that will have risk injuring myself, so do some preventive measures to avoid this kind of injuries again.

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