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Friday, April 11, 2014

SH Figuarts Sailor Saturn First Official Image Unveiled

SH Figuarts Sailor Saturn teaser image pic 00

Tamashii.jp has first dropped the bomb again as they unveiled the official image of SH Figuarts Sailor Saturn from the series Sailormoon.

SH Figuarts Sailor Saturn prototype toy image pic 00

The figure first surfaced as a test type in the recent Wonder Fest 2014 Winter last February and now Bandai has posted online the first colored image of that figure. Although Sailor Saturn was the last Outer Senshi to appear in the series, she was first Outer Senshi to be released as a figure in this line. The warrior known as Hotaru Tomoe comes with her signature weapon, the Silence Glaive, and as of this moment, official accessories of this figure like the set of hands, face and display base will soon follow.

The SH Figuarts Sailor Saturn will be a regular release figure this coming August and priced around 4,860 Yen.

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