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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Heer0san's Blog: My Latest Hauls for April

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With all of the blessings that I have received for the past 4 months, I was able to save up money to buy some good buys at my latest toy hauls for April and I was thinking I would be broke again after my spending spree this month, but I wasn't.

 photo LatestpulotApril2014pic07_zpsa4a6287e.jpg photo LatestpulotApril2014pic02_zps1288ccf9.jpg photo LatestpulotApril2014pic03_zps06f04fbe.jpg photo DXDaizyujinnearcompletepic00_zpscdfb79c8.jpg photo DaizyujinampDragonzord_zpsf27eb55b.jpg photo ZyuteiDaizyujin_zps79c3e1d8.jpg

These past few days has been a blessing in disguise when it comes to toy bargains and good buys, I got a few deals / scores like few Super Sentai toys such as the DX Senpuujin which I got that last TAGCOM and some hard to find DX Origami discs such as the infamous Kyoryu disc which I bought along with the Ika Disc (I got Ika Origami last January but it was missing the disc) and the Kabuto Disc. But the biggest score that I've got that I didn't expect to have is the very elusive DX Daizyujin from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (aka Dino Megazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). Sure I would like to buy the Legacy version of Megazord but after I've acquired the original 1992 Japanese release, I'm scrapping that, after all, I'm a sucker for Vintage mecha collectibles.

 photo LatestpulotApril2014pic05_zps665fd968.jpg photo LatestpulotApril2014pic06_zps3dec9d8e.jpg photo LatestpulotApril2014pic04_zps4d10a730.jpg photo TransformersG1Camshaftpic02_zpsa7bd80a1.jpg photo TransformersG1Camshaftpic00_zps113a896e.jpg photo TransformersG1Camshaftpic01_zps73e9aae8.jpg

Speaking of vintage mecha, I also got some pretty good buys such as King Elephan from Gambaruger, I already have the Class A release of the figure but what I have recently is the original 1991 Tomy release and sure I'm keeping it until I find the remaining components along with Revolgar and Gekiryugar. I thought I would stop buying Transformers toys for a while since the upcoming Age of Extinction movie toys suck, but I was wrong. I recently bought a vintage headless Camshaft figure. Why I bought this is because this was only released as a mail-away figure which very rare to acquire, but I acquired it last TAGCOM at a very cheap price. I also bought some TF scraps at a fellow collector for future custom works.

 photo LatestpulotApril2014pic00_zpscabfacbe.jpg

Last but not the least, I'm also a sucker for anime merchandises such as the Mojacko plush toy that I've bought from a fellow Toy collector, its a Japanese release plush toy, not some cheapo Taiwan made. Also I like buying some Anime girl figs, last time I bought was in 2009, and here I was collecting again. I bought a character from Nanoha series (damn, I need to research on these characters later) fully articulated and it comes with a display stand (pretty neat). Finally, I gave in and bought my first SH Figuarts figure, Sailormoon which I got it a low price (below SRP).

 photo LatestpulotApril2014pic01_zpsb25fd8e9.jpg photo ClassicSailormoonposepic00_zps13d55be4.jpg

Well that's about it, I think. Hopefully this will not stop here, I'm expecting getting some hauls this coming ToyCon and still excited getting another SHF figure along the way (fingers crossed).

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