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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Keroro News: Upcoming Keropla Releases

I'm a little sad this will be released since I'm getting the separate versions of these, oh well.

Toysdaily has posted upcoming Keroro Gunsou Keropla figure line up. Starting with the Musha Keroro Robo Dai-Shogun set which contains all of the 5 Musha Keroro Robo figures previously released, in addition to that, the set will include a cloak. Check out the image below...

Also, on the upcoming line-up is Lieutenant Garuru figure, check out the prototype image.

The Musha Keroro Robo Dai-Shogun set is priced at 4,725 Yen while the Lieutenant Garuru figure is priced at 630 Yen; all inclusive of tax.

Thanks to Ngee Khiong for the heads-up.

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