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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heer0san's Blog: My First Toy Hauls for 2009

Its not a bad start for toy hauls for the year 2009, but its worth the catch. Last Jan. 6, I went to Toys R Us in Robinsons Galleria to look for TF toys and Gundam models guess what I found there, two TF Animated Swinde figures.

My friend magnusjam of Transformers Philippines was looking for either TFA Blurr or Swindle, lucky me I found one and so I texted him that I found a Swindle figure and asked him if I'll buy him one too and he texted back and said yes and he will pay me later when he gets his salary. So I bought the two Swindle figures; 1 for me and 1 for him. Next I went to Greenhills to look for more TF figures and lucky me again I found 3 sought after TFU figures, Hound, G1 colors Starscream, and Cyclonus. Since I'm on a tight budget and saving for a rainy day, I bought Cyclonus only.

When I got home, my brother showed me his latest plushie acquisitions, and he showed me the Mirara plushie from Keroro Gunsou Movie. He told me to buy it but I'm against buying it since I already gave him allowance last month and so the plushie should be free instead. At first he's against it giving it to me free, but I have won over it and he gave it to me.

It's my luckiest day in acquiring these collectibles.

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