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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A Year In Review

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2013 has been a roller coaster ride for me for the past year. There are many ups and downs, which is mostly balanced but its this last month of the year has been good to me, but before I go to the good parts, a recap of what happened this past year.

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Since the start of 2013, its been a bad start for me; sales from selling toys has been drastically low, my desktop computer got busted and my income on those projects was put on halt because of that, even my external hard drive I/O chip gave out that caused unable to access my drive and my files which is a double whammy on my projects and income, I'm using my laptop for my operations & field work and blogging since my desktop PC is out of order. Even on call contract work didn't really helped my income; became seldom to come by and most of my pending on getting some toys was put on hold as well and also semi-stopped blogging for months to do some other commitments. Through the year of that disaster, I was somehow able to managed to pull through with some mini sideline work with a help of my friends so I got my daily income somewhat relieved. I'm also dealing with a cyber bully; a keyboard warrior in my FB account keeps on harassing me which that irritates me more but instead I tend to ignore it, its really not worth my time and effort anyways.

2013 is also good to me this year that re-ignited my other hobby: card collecting, most especially getting to play Yu-Gi-Oh! card game which I started playing casual games in Robinsons Galleria early January with a help from a fellow player / toy collector in the toy community I'm associated that got me hooked me on the game and its that game that I met new friends along the way. (I'll tell everything about this hobby on my upcoming posts).

 photo Heer0sansDragonWarriorDeck-NormalampEffectMonsterspic00_zps7e94d089.jpg photo Heer0sansDragonWarriorDeck-Extradeckpic00_zpsc0fc8af2.jpg

I semi-stopped toy collecting due to low budget and some pending reserves on other items, but that didn't stop me from attending conventions and even participated again for the 3rd year in the prestigious ToyCon last June where I was able to get a display cabinet slot of my own under Robot Pilipinas, (of course I got help from 2 former TFPH members and a fellow member from Toy Collector's Lounge to fill the display cab, thanks much a lot guys).

 photo RobotPilipinasToyCon2013Displaycabexhibitpic00_zps48b94f95.jpg photo RobotPilipinasToyCon2013Displaycabexhibitpic09_zps67572a05.jpg

The last remaining months of the year was very meaningful and blessed at the same time. I managed to somehow pull off my super low income when I sold some cards that helped me boosted my income, toy sales and plushies became helpful boosting it that was Christmas week, even the contract work that was seldom was also coming along as well and more sideline jobs to boot. I was able to get my pending items and got me back somehow to toy collecting, even I snag some pretty good deals from my post birthday hauls, weekly card deal hauls to Xmas ToyCon hauls last Dec. 13-15.

 photo LatestpulotMarch2013pic02_zps0f10a960.jpg photo LatestpulotMarch2013pic05_zpsa4c05bca.jpg photo LatestpulotDecember2013pic01_zps400592fe.jpg photo LatestpulotDecember2013pic07_zps94e1948c.jpg photo NekketsuSaikyoGosaurerpic07_zpsba5aee0f.jpg photo NekketsuSaikyoGosaurerpic08_zps45d1fdba.jpg photo LatestpulotDecember2013pic03_zps9eb0938f.jpg photo LatestpulotDecember2013pic05_zps72febafe.jpg

Despite the setbacks that I have in 2013, I've still managed to pull it off nicely, before the year ends, I made some charity work as form of good karma by donating toys that I didn't want it anymore to the TCL's yearly toy drive and also did some volunteer work by distributing the donations made by Collectibles Unlimited's Toy Drive which where donated to the Typhoon Yolanda victims that were temporarily residing in Tent city in Pasay last December 21.

 photo CollectiblesUnlimitedToyDrive2013-Yolandavictimspic11_zps16a9456f.jpg photo CollectiblesUnlimitedToyDrive2013-Yolandavictimspic14_zps0633dfc9.jpg photo CollectiblesUnlimitedToyDrive2013-Yolandavictimspic2f_zps63c8bfa0.jpg

Well that's it for me in 2013. And oh I'm really expecting a new year for me in 2014 and its pretty a good one, after the new year, I'm having another on call work this new year week and another sideline work as well. Hopefully, selling stuff won't be a problem either and still going to work hard to achieve my goals instead making New Years Resolutions which it doesn't work for me anymore since I tend to break these. So Happy New Year everyone!

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