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Monday, September 07, 2009

Masked Rider News: Masked Rider W Premiered

With Masked Rider Decade ended in a cliffhanger, a new Masked Rider series premiered in Japan yesterday: Masked Rider W (or Double) this makes the 2nd Masked Rider series to air this year.

Masked Rider W (Double)

Masked Rider Double is the first Masked Rider that requires 2 people to transform into a single Rider with the use of a transforming belt called Double driver and USB flash drives called Gaia Memories. Detective Shotaro Hidari (played by Renn Kiriyama) and the mysterious Phillip (played by Masaki Suda) transforms into Masked Rider Double with Hidari serves the physical and the left half of Double while Phillip enters Hidari's body; represents the mind and the right half of Double. Together, they take on Dopant menace that terrorized all over Futo City.

Here's the opening of Double featuring the song W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~ sung by Aya Kamiki w/ TAKUYA (former guitarist of the popular band JUDY AND MARY).

Masked Rider W (Double) airs every Sunday at 8AM at TV-Asahi. Also visit Masked Rider Double's TV-Asahi official homepage.


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