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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change: How it affected our lives

Many people already noticed for the last few years the change in the weather phenomenon we’ve been having. El Nino, La Nina and the Super Typhoons are some examples of the weather phenomenon we’re having. Its called Climate Change.

Why are we on the subject on Climate Change? Its simple: we are already very affected from it. Most people remember Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as the most devastated hurricane that hit the United States claiming thousands of lives and millions worth damaged property. This year the Philippines were struck with the same phenomenon with Hurricane Ketsana (aka Typhoon Ondoy) and Hurricane Parma (aka Typhoon Pepeng). Though it only claimed hundreds of lives, it left many people homeless and most of the country still has floods and devastation such as landslides. These weather occurrences is caused by climate change.

So whose fault that this phenomenon happened? WE ARE.

Its our fault that this happened because the environment is changing that causes the climate change. We polluted our air and water that causes a hole in the Ozone layer that resulted in Global Warming which contributed most of the climate change we are facing. Another factor that contributed the climate change is the abuse of our resources such as cutting down of trees and illegal mining. Our illegal disposal of our garbage is also the main cause of climate change. Aside from burning of garbage, harmful fumes from the trash itself are contributing the hole in the Ozone layer as well that causes the climate change on our planet dramatically.

Times have changed and we are already getting overpopulated. But its never too late to save our home, our planet. The best thing we must do is to clean up our act and stop abusing our resources. We should also stop polluting our water and air as well our trash, clean it up and we should use bio friendly materials and fuel that will not harm to the environment and to us it will also prevent the hole in the Ozone layer from getting larger.

As I write this blog for Blog Action Day with this year’s topic, Climate Change, it made me realize how our planet had become so fragile, it made me wonder how we are going to prevent climate change from happening. To the bloggers out there who are also concerned to our environment may hear our voices to all of the people concerned. Save our planet because it’s our only home.

Image Credits: Climate change Earth image courtesy of 2Point6Billion.com. Drought land image courtesy of Washington Note.


Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read that article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything connected to this matter. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...


This is Gladys Arañez and I’m one of the volunteers for Design Against The Elements. We are asking for your support to please help us spread our message in raising awareness re: Philippine Climate Adaptability Challenge. Please take time to visit the links below and please post comments and ratings. Below also is a message from our Executive Director, Illac Diaz.

Feel free to ask questions. You can reach me on my email: gladys_79@yahoo.com

Many, many thanks! :)



Climate change is real. Addressing climate change requires a mix of mitigation and adaptation. This requires more mitigation for industrialized countries and more adaptation for developing countries.
This can be translated into one simple scenario : While the industrialized world continues to send up tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, whether or not we blur the amounts through carbon credits,
hopes are fading for those who will be receiving the sharp end of the Damocles sword; the developing world. The urgency is to realize that this is not going to stop at 350 ppm, or even double at 600 ppm, the Philippines has to realize that despite all the petitions and feel good campaigns of dreams for a climate stabilized world, real solutions need to be done. We have to get to the part where we learn
to start dealing with this. The country is located right beside the warmest parts of the ocean that is in the perfect storm of vulnerable coastlines, intense winds, and an observation of growing dumping of
large amounts of rain. We need to live in a world where climate will hit the poorest of the poor first, regardless of where they live, it will test our resiliency as a city, as a village, as a community, and
specially as a people. This song is dedicated to the awareness that dealing with one ONDOY is not the victory, but a climate of change will be the battle of this generation.

Illac Diaz
Executive Director
Design Against The Elements


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