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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Anime News: Upcoming Anime Fall line-up 2009

We have new updates on the upcoming Anime will be airing in Japan this fall and boy the line-up is more crazier than before.

Most of the Anime line-up are remakes, others returning for a new season, and even a famous Korean telenovela is translated into Anime. Here's some list of the the upcoming fall line-up:

Anime 2009 Fall line-up
Inu Yasha: Final Act - continuation of Rumiko Takahashi's finished work which was never finished in the Anime series. Sunrise will again produce the animation.

Darker Than Black: Comet of Gemini - Sequel to 2007 TV Series

Jungle Emperor Leo (aka Kimba the White Lion) - Remake of Osamu Tezuka's classic

Winter Sonata - based on the famous Koreanovela translated into Anime. It will be aired in October, according to Wikipedia; 23 of the original cast from the drama will be dubbing in the Anime version.

Stitch! 2 - Disney's resident alien is now an Anime character. Animation produced by Madhouse.

Other Anime title line-up:

Fairy Tail
Nyan Koi!
Queens Blade: Heir to the Throne
Romance of the Three Kingdoms

and much more

To check out the other Anime, click on the image to enlarge. Probably the most watched anime to look out this fall is Winter Sonata, Darker than Black and Inu Yasha.

Thanks to Otaku-Complex for the heads-up.


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