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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Heer0san's Blog: Earn Money Online

I'll admit its very hard to earn money these days mostly you don't have any job at the moment. There are so many ways to earn money online through Paid to Click or PTC to sustain your lifestyle or better yet your financial problems. However, there are a lot of PTCs out there that are scam, sites that don't pay everytime you click advertisements to earn money. It really pisses me off.

But the good news is that there are still legitimate PTCs that pays you and doesn't waste your time clicking adverts and doesn't pay you. Clicking adverts on PTCs only takes 15-30 mins of your time everyday, and the minimum payout can be easily reached for as low as $2 or more.

Before getting started to earn money online on PTCs, first you need is either a Paypal or AlertPay account to transfer your payout funds. Click the below banners to register.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


Once registered, follow instructions on how to activate your Paypal or Alertpay accounts. Once that is done, you may now begin to earn money on PTCs.

Here are some known Legitimate PTCs:


Registration: Free (Standard)
Earn Credit: 0.01 / click (Standard)
Referral Click: 0.005 / click (Standard)
Payout: $2.00 (Instant pay once payout is requested)
Payout Transfer: PayPal or AlertPay
Adverts per day: 4
Membership upgrade: Yes; $90/Year

Here's my proof of payment of my Neobux account:
Trek Pay

Credits Earned: 1-3 credits depends on the ads. Once credits are accumulated within the week, it will automatically convert to cash. Credit conversion to cash is done every Tuesday or Thursday every week
Min. Payout: $5.50 (Payout is requested Tuesday or Thursday every week)
Payout Transfer: PayPal
Adverts per day: 16-30 (depends on how active you are on Trek Pay)
Membership upgrade: None

Mostly, Trek Pay is what I'm the active most. I already have $4.15 credited on my account though I have to reach $5.50 in order to get my payout probably within this week or next week.

Here's a tip, if you want to earn money more, try referring more people and give them the benefits of these PTCs. The more you refer, them more you can earn also the more PTC sites joined, the more chances to earn more . A reminder, only 1 account per person can register on these PTCs. Registering multiple accounts will terminate account as to violating the ToS (Terms of Service) of the PTCs.


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