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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Back To Work...

Its been past half year or should I say 7 months since I went to hiatus mode (again, I really hate saying that), I've been very busy with work to a friend of mine just by playing Marvel Contest of Champions on my smartphone and tab and after my contract ended last December, I fell on an emotional slump which hinders me to write anything at the moment.

Following my work for play gig last December, I've decided to write something at the start of the new year but because I fell on an emotional slump, I was totally mental blocked to write anything that speaks my mind and I totally missed a lot of opportunities in posting news on the upcoming toy releases and other stuff. I wasn't totally depressed, I still help out some household chores, taking care of my father when he needs assistance or when I'm not busy, just sorting some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that I need to keep in my collection, just to get out of my slump. Good thing my other friend decided I should make errands for him since I also told him that my work for play ended. It wasn't that big, I simply made errands on processing documents at city hall and other important stuff, it was a good therapy for me which slowly gaining my momentum in something to write on and here I am, writing this post on my computer.

All I can say now is I'm back from my hiatus, back to work; vacation's over.

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