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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tech News: Windows 10 Released In USB Flash Drive Installer; Killing The Installer DVD

Miocrosoft Windows 10 Home and Professional Edition USB Flash Drive installer packaging image

Okay I haven't been on the tech news lately, but I know that Windows 10 will be released this coming July 29 and it is confirmed that the software installer will be in USB drive release.

Microsoft will indeed be releasing their OS installers in USB format and they're slowly killing the DVD disc installer versions. This is a big move for Microsoft as more and more new laptop units rolled out in the market and phasing out the DVD drives, its the right choice for Microsoft to release the USB installers in the market. But this doesn't mean that they will totally phasing it out, we can still purchase the DVD disc versions of the OS installer.

Amazon already has the USB version installers of Windows 10, both Home and Professional versions in their product listings (USB packaging image shown) and its priced at USD 120.00 and USD 200.00 respectively.

Microsoft still offers a free upgrade to Windows 10 for users running on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, find out HERE on how to upgrade and if you're eligible for it.

Source: Gizmondo

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