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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Google Celebrates Eiji Tsubaraya's Birthday With An Interactive Movie Making Game Doodle Theme

Google Eiji Tsubaraya 114th Birthday celebration theme image

Google has a habit for changing doodle themes on their search engine and this time, the theme for today celebrates the 114th birthday of the king of special effects, Eiji Tsubaraya.

Born on this day, July 7, Eiji Tsubaraya is known for his Tokusatsu works (Japanese sci-fi) such as Godzilla and the ever popular Ultraman franchise. As for this celebration, Google's theme is an interactive game in making a monster movie with Mr. Tsubaraya guiding you how his movies were made, you can check it out HERE. When you click the Google logo, you will feel the nostalgia with the opening sequence of the interactive movie which pay tribute to the series, Ultraman TV series which was first aired in 1966.

The Google Eiji Tsubaraya Google theme will last only for the whole day, so what are you waiting for? Click and play the interactive movie making game!

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