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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heer0san's Blog: On The Brink of Depression and Nervous Breakdown

As much as possible I want to have a positive output on my blog but in these past few months, its not going well as I hoped it would be better this year. I'll tell you why.

Ever since I no longer have work for 2 years already, I've decided to do some sideline and freelance projects while I'm looking for new work. But the incentives I get from those projects aren't enough to keep me doing what I do best. Now, I  have frequent freelance on calls and its really depressing, not only physically but mentally as well. Job hunting is not doing so well either as I was looking for work that will suit what I'm good at - on hands computer technician. 

I'm 35 and its hard finding work at my age where it became more and more stressful, the more I became depressed. The encouragement and being here at home is not going well either. Its getting more and more stressed until to the point I'm having a nervous breakdown and can't concentrate on my sideline projects where I leave it and not finishing on time. So freaking stressful, I felt I want to leave it all behind. Seriously.

But, amids these stressful times, I still look a positive outlook in life and never give up. Good thing toy collecting and customizing is the one thing that keeps me from going insane and relieving me from stress. Blogging on the other hand keeps me from stressing out too, writing to my heart's content. 

Its the 2nd half of the year already, I should look a new work already before the year ends, until then I would keep looking, stay positive and never give up.

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