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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Latest Hauls: My 4-Month Toy Hauls

Well this is way overdue, I haven't posted my latest toy hauls since my purchase of Transformers Unite Warriors Superion, check out the latest toy hauls that I've accumulated over the period of 4 months.

First of the toys that I got during the X-mas season last year, I got a TF Generations Whirl which was on sale (photo shown above, right), an awesome figure that I've played with and also I also purchased my first figma figure and its an exclusive one, its Saber Lily from the game fate/Unlimited codes (1st photo left, also 2nd pic) which this figure can be purchased bundled with the game at an insanely price, but lucky me that as able to get this at a very reasonable price, without the game, of course. I like the articulation and detailing of Saber Lily, definitely an addition to my collection since I'm a fan of Type Moon's fate series.

I was able to snag an elusive Pen² (pronounced Pen-Pen) plush doll (3rd pic) from the anime Evangelion, the plush that I got is a racing edition release and its so cute that I've already made up my mind in keeping it. Of course X-mas Toycon happened last year, but I was able to snag only a S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider G3-X figure (loose with a broken horn/antenna) at the event. And last but not the least, a few more Transformers figures that were added in my collection, I got the elusive Moon from the Japanese Beast Wars series, Beast Wars II and also my first TF Legends figure and its the now hard to find and expensive Arcee in her G1 colors which I got this on X-mas eve,  a way to end the year 2015.

Moving forward to this year, I was able to snag a lot of toys and again, it left me bigger holes in my wallet. First off, is the my first 3rd party accessory add-on for my Transformers Unite Warriors Superion which now sports articulated hands and bigger feet, making him more proportionate, thanks to these add-on parts.

Next are the toys that I've never imagined to have one, I got a classic Tamiya Nissan R91CP 1/10th scale RC car (car only), no electronics inside and the body and chassis are still in good condition, which can be easily restored, if I have the dough to restore it, and I also got a Nono gashapon figure from the series, Diebuster. If you think Saber Lily was my last figma purchase, think again, I recently purchased the very hard to find Drossel from the Disney Japan CG short anime, Fireball from a friend of mine. In reality this is my 2nd Drossel figure that I've bought, the first one (which is my first official figma and not Saber Lily technically) was bought October last year but I got a loose figure with no accessories, but now that I have MISB one, I already sold the first one after I took this pic. From now on, she will be my mascot for my upcoming toy hauls.

Moving to February and March, I was only able to get 4 figures within that period. Last February, I recently purchased my 3rd S.H. Figuarts figure and its Ranma Saotome (Girl type) from Ranma ½, the only figure that I've bought that month and I got this at a reasonable price, its a pre-birthday gift for myself (my birthday was last March 6th) by the way. Last month, I finally got the elusive Combiner Wars Bombshell when the toy was retocked at my local Toys R Us store which I didn't think twice getting it. I also got a Robot Damashii Guren Nishiki from the series Code Geass.

Last but not the least, I also acquired my first S.H. Figuarts Love Live! figure and its none other than Maki Nishikino, on my birthday. I promised myself that this year, I'll be spending on SHF Love Live! figures and Maki was the first, I'm just hoping I'll be able to afford the remaining figures in the line, especially the last five figures that are web exclusives and I'll admit its going to break my wallet literally (sigh).

Well that's it for now, now I'm expecting my pre-order of Unite Warriors Bruticus when it arrive this coming June or July. But for now, I have to concentrate on my duties and more work to earn more dough to buy more toys.

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