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Monday, August 03, 2015

Latest Hauls: Meet Superion...

After 7 months of waiting, its finally here, my first toy haul for this month and my first Transformers Unite Warriors toy, and as Optimus Prime would say: "Surprise! Meet Superion!"

When I first posted the news about the Unite Warriors Superion way back in January over at Robot Pilipinas, I was amazed that the Japenese version of Superion is far way better than its Combiner Wars counterpart plus Slingshot is included in the set rather than Alpha Bravo (which I don't like him, no offense). When I heard of a pre-order for this guy via Hobby Corner, I was skeptical in buying it, even the official release date was 5 months away.

But given to my budget (which is really super low at that time) and I rarely have contract works from my clients, I was almost really going to pass on this one but I was encouraged by my toy collector friends to get it because the price difference between the US and Japanese release is almost the same and since I still had time to earn it, I finally gave in and pre-ordered UW Superion and its a good thing the downpayment is ok for me since I have budget for that.

After months of working my ass from contract works to earn, and a huge restraint from buying any other toy or card purchases, finally I was able to earn all of the money that I've saved up for getting Superion (good thing the item got delayed which it bought me some time to earn the remaining balance) and on the 1st day of August (that was last Saturday), I finally got Superion.

So, was it really worth of waiting? Yes its really worth it, its an awesome toy to play and look to. I'll post my extensive review of Superion in Robot Pilipinas soon, since I'm still taking pics of this bad boy, so watch out for that. I would like to thank Mr. Heron Dimabuyu of Hobby Corner for getting me this wonderful set; he's awesome and legit seller when it comes to Transformers toys, you should pre-order your TFs to this guy, you rock man. We're going to wait for my friend's pre-order of Unite Warriors Devastator from you and hope we'll see that soon.

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