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Monday, September 14, 2015

figma Leonidas Official Images

THIS IS SPARTA!! Hehehe, I've always wanted to do that. Anyways, GOOD SMILE COMPANY will release a Leonidas figure, the Sparta King from the popular film, 300 in Max Factory's figma line.

From the official images shown here, I was impressed how this figure is made, they made the image likeness of Gerard Butler when he portrayed the Sparta King in the film, almost life-like, unlike the upcoming Bruce Lee figure that they made which doesn't look like Bruce Lee at all. I'm glad that they did a good job in making this figure which makes me want to buy it.

Leonidas comes with his sword, sheath, helmet, shield, spear, a removable cape; made of cloth, necklace, 2 facial expressions, and a standard figma display base. He is slated for April 2016 release and priced at 7,407 Yen. AHOO!! AHOO!! AHOO!!

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