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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

LRT Upgrades Beep Fare Ticketing System This May

As I was on my way to Binangonan, Rizal to finish my official business there, commuting via LRT-2 to Santolan is my first commute going there (it took 3 commutes going to Binangonan). As was buying my ticket, I saw their poster that they are changing their ticketing system this month.

The LRT will upgrade their new fare ticketing system called beep, a new Stored Value card which you can scan the card upon entering or exiting the gate, similar to the E-pass system on the tollways. Unlike the previous SVC, the beep card is re-loadable, you can reload the card at a minimum fare rate or up to a maximum of Php 10,000, it can be reloaded via the ticketing machine or at the teller's booth. You can own this card for just only Php 20.00, and you can scan and reload over and over again for up to 4 years of usage. What's good about this new beep SVC than the old one its more convenient to use, no more long lines to buy ticket cards and it can be used on LRT-1, MRT and LRT-2 entry and exit gates.

If you don't want to buy the SV cards, LRT is still also selling Single Journey cards or SJC and like the SVC you can scan the card upon entering the gate, however, you need to surrender the ticket in the ticket slot upon exit.

So far, the new system hardware is now installed, however its still on testing phase, I also inquired at the ticket booth and asked them if the beep cards are now available and they said they haven't started selling the reload cards, they also said they will sell the cards within this month and/or until the new system is fully operational. I can't wait to buy a reload card so I can board the LRT or MRT without the hassle of falling in line in buying tickets.

Now if they only fix their mechanical problems they encounter on their trains, which its still a big issue they should worry about, hope they improve those problems as soon as possible or no more commuters will rely on using their service.


Azrael Deasis Coladilla said...

sana next...ayusin na nila yung tren

Anonymous said...

One Problem with great Payment system, A lot of people instantly going in the station without any time delays meaning instant rider flow inside each train....


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