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Friday, September 21, 2012

Chogokin Saber Unvieled

Chogokin Saber figure

Ok I'm surprised to see this, Bandai will unveil their next Chogokin figure and the next figure will come out is none other than Saber from Fate/stay night and its Prequel and sequel franchise, Fate/Zero and Fate/hollow ataraxia respectively.

As with the other previous figures released in the Chogokin line, Saber will have die-cast parts on the figure, probably on her weapons as well, and it will have lots of articulation on it; you can probably pose her battle stance or fight scenes from the anime or game. Chogokin Saber will include her Excalibur sword, Avalon sheath and a display base.

The figure will be unveiled during the Fate/Zero event in Tokyo celebrating the anime series franchise. It will be held on September 26-30 at the World Import Mart Exhibition Hall A, 4th floor No. 3, No. 1 chome Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

The date release and price of the figure might be announced within the event. For more details on this, go to Fate/Zero's event page.

Fate/stay night (which Saber is one of the main characters in the franchise) started originally as a visual eroge Windows PC game by TYPE-MOON released in 2004, it was followed by its sequel, Fate/hollow ataraxia in 2005. Fate/stay night was turned into a 24-episode non eroge anime series in 2006 and it was followed with a movie Unlimited Blade Works which was shown in 2010. The prequel anime series of the Fate franchise, Fate/Zero just recently concluded its second season run ended last June 23.

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