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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heer0san's Blog: 2011, A Look Back

I don't know where to begin, but I guess 2011 has been ups and downs for me, a lot's that happened this past year here's my rundown of all that's happened in 2011.

2011 was been a never-ending roller coaster that's been happened in my life. First of, finding work was one of my first priorities in 2011 but alas, I didn't get any. The pressure of finding work even affected me here at home which it becomes more stressful and depressing. But despite that, I still thank for all of the contract jobs that I had (most especially at my first company that I've worked with for almost 8 years) still calls me for maintenance in their computers, sidelining for a friend in concert events when I'm assisting him, and the sideline projects that I have (although I lost 1 big client in the 2nd half of the year), but I'm still thankful that I was able to earn money and make ends meet somehow.

2011 is also the year that I'm using my cam phone and my friend's digicam in taking pictures in events as my camera that's I've been using since 2007 broke, and it was fixed in time before Collecticon. Still nevertheless, I was able to make some good shots even using only my cam phone.

For being a toy collector and toy blogger as well, 2011 was very much brighter for my hobby, though I was not able to collect some new toys due to budget constraints but I was able make most of my toy collecting through some new online friends I met in Facebook and joined on some groups such as Toy Collectors Lounge and Robot Collector's Haven (RCH). My online store MS Hobbes was fully launched and I'm selling some decent toy figs and itmes. The biggest achievement that I had for 2011 was for Robot Pilipinas as it was the first time to exhibit in the prestigious ToyCon 2011 and Collecticon, thanks to Azrael and Sir Dan Castro of PTK. Also I've started my new food blog, Eat's A Blog late this year for all my food escapades, but its still starting, I hope would build this blog up as I did for Robot Pilipinas.

That's it for me, 2011 has been a blast but I hope in 2012 it would be a brighter one for me since its my lucky year, Year of the Dragon. I'm wishing more blessings and opportunities that I will gain next year. And hopefully I go back to blogging events as well not only for food and toy and hobby but also for gadget events too.

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