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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tokusatsu News: Masked Rider O's Video preview

Thanks to FCTI for the video link, here's the official episode preview of the next Rider series, Masked Rider OOO (aka O's), the preview was aired after Episode 48 of Masked Rider Double.

Check out Masked Rider O's TV-Asahi official homepage. The series will start on September 9th replacing Masked Rider Double on TV-Asahi.

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Chris A. said...

Hmm... Is it me or new Riders tends to look more childish. It lacks the "kick-assery" (if there's really a word for it) of the previous Kamen Rider suits.

I hope like W, the design will eventually grow on everyone else. Will now catch up on Kamen Rider W's last few episodes.


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