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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 30th Anniversary, Pac-Man

Google logo Pac-Man edition
Google is always changing the design of their logos if there is an event celebrating. But on May 22 is a fun one, that's because its the 30th birthday of Pac-Man. I'm not talking about the People's champ but the video game icon.

I remember when I first playing Pac-Man when I was in Grade 4 on Family Computer, I have fun playing it. Aside from Galaga and Super Mario, Pac-Man is also my fave video game during that time. Like Mario, Pac-Man is considered the well-loved played video game of all time and you can still play the game today. It even has competitions like the Pac-Man World Championship; the game is also can be played online and on your handheld devices such as Gameboy and even your iPhone. Let's face it everyone loves playing Pac-Man.

Since its his 30th Anniversary, Google also put up a working Pac-Man video game on their logo. To play the game, just simply press the "Insert Coin" button and enjoy playing the Pac-Man game you always love but it only be played for 1 day. So have fun playing!


LJDiaz said...

Nostalgic! very nostalgic!

Heer0san said...

Nothing really beats the classic. Go Pac-Man, go :D


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