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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Elections 2010: To Vote or not to Vote

Tomorrow, it will be the biggest event that will happen in our country. I'm talking about the National Elections; it is where we go out and vote to pick the next president that will govern our country. 

So what's special about this election this year? It is the first time that we will experience automated elections in our country that Comelec spends millions of pesos on automated PCOS machines that will use to vote for the next incoming leaders and avoiding manual counting & nationwide cheating. I think everyone knows the scandal that rocked our entire country, the "Hello Garci" scandal in 2004 presidential elections. I hope this election will not have the same mistake as what happened in 2004.

Anyway, since were going to vote for the next president, its been somewhat a tight race. 3 top candidates vie the top spot. I'm more concerned of what's going to happen in the incoming elections. Ever since the campaign began, its nothing more than a media circus that's been happening. There's also a black propaganda and the endless ramblings and survey bragging also the threat of going to People Power if a certain candidate gets cheated. There are other concerns regarding how effective these PCOS machines are. I've been watching the news lately and there are been reports of problems with the said machines, we had lots of months to prepare and solve the bugs out but it seems that the problem getting more and more problematic and some concerned groups that if the automated elections fail, it will resolve through manual counting. What the heck?

I've been having random thoughts about this election and whether or not to vote. I know everyone will say to me that I should vote because its our right as a citizen of this country. But with what's going on lately, I've been skeptical voting tomorrow and if I should vote. And if I decided to vote, I would vote on the person who an integrity and the right to lead this country, free from corruption. I guess there are some people who will still vote the rotten apples in our government; it is still a vicious cycle and might not change everything. So I say everyone that you should pick the candidates you will vote for and hopefully it is the right candidate for the job not sitting in the office and do nothing. I hope everyone has a clear conscience on this. Just my two cents.

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