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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heer0san's Blog: In search for 2nd Hand Desktop PC Parts

We all know that the Desktop PC is an all-purpose equipment. It can be used  to surf the internet, blogging, office document work and much more. What if one of the parts in the PC broke down, will you look for replacement parts or buy a new unit?

As for me, my Desktop PC is a big investment for my sideline projects, and of course blogging as it served me for 5 years+ running. Of course during these years, I have a few problems encountered on my PC but managed to fix it because spare parts that were still available during that time. However last year, I run in with a concerned problem, my CPU fan bracket broke and its not holding the CPU fan properly. Because of that, everytime I open the PC, it immediately shuts down because the processor produces heat everytime you use the computer too much and it automatically shuts down when the processor is already overheating. A CPU fan with heatsink regulates the processor from overheating and it will have a smooth operation if the fan is properly placed.

Going back to my problem, I'm already in panic when my CPU fan brace broke down as I don't have a clue where to find spare parts since the the said part is obsolete (My desktop PC is a Pentium 4 unit). Fortunately, I got an old non-working P4 motherboard from a friend of mine and the CPU fan brace is in good condition. I removed the brace from the old-broken board and installed it on my motherboard then installed my CPU fan after that my CPU is working normally again and I was relieved.

Unfortunately, my relief didn't last. Just 2 days ago, the CPU Fan brace I replaced last year broke again and I was in panic mode on where to get a spare brace. I have 2 options that I thought of; but its risky and probably expensive, but I took the chance: going to Raon or to Gilmore. I immediately went to Raon first to look and fortunately there are some vendors that sells PC parts and I was lucky to find the brace I was looking for and it only cost me Php 50 per piece.

I bought 4 pieces and went home after that, I never thought going to Gilmore since I already got what I wanted. I installed the newly bought brace to my PC and it was running again like it was brand new.

Thank you to the vendors of Raon for having these 2nd hand Desktop PC spare parts I solely needed to maintain my PC.

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