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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anime Review: Transformers Animated Episode 01 Jap Dub

Transformers Animated Japanese version

Few days ago, I finally managed to watch the first episode Transformers Animated in Japanese dub. I am surprisingly not satisfied after I watched it. Here's my quick review of the episode:

Episode 1 is titled "New Chapter! Transformers" (Shinshō! Transformers in Japanese) which is basically Japanse dub of Transform and Roll Out Part 1 in the US. All of the characters names remains unchanged with the exception Bulkhead which was changed to Ironhide, what about Ironhide, what will be his name in the Jap dub version? Though the whole animation and the soundtrack remains unchanged, the episode itself has few edited scenes mostly the parts mentioning Optimus being an Autobot Academy dropout. I don't know the reason why the Japanese producers edited out these scenes. Another scene was slightly edited was the kids interviewing Sari (after Professor Sumdac introduced her) and her chewing her bubblegum after she removed it from her face, I think its too gross for Japanese kids to watch it.

What I'm pretty disappointed is that the animation is not shown as a whole screen and the resolution kinda you're watching from a normal analog TV 4:3 screen (for those who are watching on HD TV's) while there are Autobot logos in the background, kindly look at the posted screencaps. Originally, the episodes were released on DVD in the US is not in wide-screen format, which I understand that. I don't know why the producers are not making the whole episode in full screen format. Probably questions about that  left unanswered. What's with the Japanese family shown during the start of the show and at the end of the episode. Father and son discussed regarding about the first episode they watched and the father is comparing it with the original G1 series, which kinda cool trying to share random thoughts about Transformers.

Overall, the first episode of the Japanese dub of TFA is well... sucked, not with the Japanese dub voices, but how the episode was shown and the edited scenes as well. The good point about this version is the opening animation which is so cool and the soundtrack is catchy mostly the theme "Transformers Evo." sung by JAM Project. Love it or hate it, Transformers Animated Japanese dub is here to stay until its series' final run. I would still recommend watching the US dub instead.

Front image taken from TakaraTomy's Transformers Animated home page. Screencaps taken from Transformers Animated Episode 01 Japanese dub version.

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