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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Heer0san's Blog: My Post-Birthday Hauls

I just turned 34 last March 6 and didn't planned to celebrate this year due to budget constraints. I celebrated in silent with only known friends who greeted me by text or in Facebook.

I wanted to have my birthday a simple celebration and get some presents for myself. Again due to budget constraints, I wasn't able to buy anything that I want. Fortunately, I did bought some stuff before and after my birthday and here are some of my recent Transformers hauls...

First bought was Override from TF Cybertron (yup, the American release of Nitro Convoy) which is very hard to find and some specialty toy shops already selling the Korean version around 800-900 Php which its still very expensive on my wallet (seriously), but I was lucky and able to find one recently at TagCom for a measly 300 only. Unfortunately, I got it incomplete as it was missing a Gold Speedia Force chip (Override is leader character so the toy package comes with a Gold painted Force chip), But no worries, I'll find one in some shops soon or or get an extra Silver painted one and paint it to gold.

The most recent that I bought were the G1 versions of Ironhide and Ratchet packaged in the reissue Encore line and the local malls are selling now for 300 each which it is an easy buy for me. I bought Ironhide first 2 weeks ago and Ratchet hours ago.

I'm so happy contented to what I bought on my birthday and no regrets getting these.

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