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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anime News: Upcoming Anime Spring 2010 Line-up

We have a whole lot of Anime titles coming up for March, April and May. New titles and new seasons of you're favorite Anime series.

Anime Spring 2010 line-up

New Anime:
Angel Beats
Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mahou
New SD Gundam Series SD Gundam Sangokuden
Giant Killing
Arakawa under the Bridge
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
B Gata H Kei
Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Returning Favorites:
MAJOR Season 6 - Goro is back!
K-ON! - Yui-chan and the gang are rockin' your house for a new season
Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor (already aired in Japan) - Fighting chicks galore! More action and more babes :D
Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow - 3rd Chapter of Ring ni Kakero manga
Metal Fight Beyblade - More Beyblade action
D.C. ~Da Capo~ ext - The extension story of Da Capo series
Hetalia Season 3
Ookiku Furikabatte (aka Big Windup!) Season 2

Other anime to expect are BLACK ROCK SHOOTER, xxxHolic: Rou, Super Street Fighter IV (probably a continuation of the cliffhanger movie The Ties That Bind), Magic Kaito (Detective Conan character on his own OVA series) and the classic Votoms 2nd OVA.

I'm expecting to watch K-ON!, Ikkitousen, Angel Beats, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Maid-sama.

You can check to other titles posted by clicking on the image. Anime titles listing courtesy of Chartfag. Thanks also to Anime culture.net for the news update.

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