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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Transformers News: Revenge Buster Optimus Prime?

hailbot-0 of TFW2005.com has posted an image of Takara-Tomy RoTF Revenge Buster Optimus Prime figure.

Revenge Buster Optimus PrimeThe figure is a still the RoTF leader class Optimus figure with few new additions/changes, the figure will have a different face sculpt which he has a mouth now, the tanks at his back is now removable and also included are his hand held guns used in the RoTF movie.

There's no confirmation when this will be released, hopefully Hasbro will soon follow too. Thanks also to TM2 D-Bot for the heads up.

UPDATE: Uploaded a clearer image of Buster Optimus Prime, and the fuel tanks on his back are removable and transforms and adds additional parts to form his blasters. Click on the image to enlarge.

Thanks to Samus Ng and Sol Fury of TFW2005.com for the update.


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