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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Upcoming Fate/Grand Order figmas Sighted

Recently, Japan held its Fate/Grand Order fest or FGO Fest for short yesterday and Max Factory recently unveiled their upcoming figures that will be released soon, one of this is the highly anticipated figma line as part of the company's 30th Anniversary celebration.

Posted in their official Twitter account, unveiling their upcoming figma figures for the Fate franchise. Showcased at the event are Archer Arturia Pendragon (Summer event ver.) where she is currently now on sale at the on-going WonFest 2017 Summer (in limited quantities). Max Factory also revealed that Ruler (Jeanne d'Arc) is confirmed to be released as a figma figure soon, along with 2 Lancers: Cu Chulainn and his mentor that exclusively appeared in the game, Scathach (in her 2nd Ascension form). Yes, finally!

I have a feeling my budget is weeping and crying right now (seriously). Currently, no news as of yet when these figures will be released, expect the release of the official images and release date at the GOODSMILE Company website soon.

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