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Monday, October 26, 2015

Latest Hauls: More Deskbot Goodness

Got me some few new cards for my Deskbot deck with the introduction of 2 more Deskbots: Deskbot 007 and 008 which recently released in the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Booster pack, Breakers of Shadow 2 weeks ago.

With the release of 007 and 008 (which I bought 3 copies each), Pendulum summoning Deskbots isn't an issue anymore as its now easier, thanks to Deskbot 007 effects which its effect cannot target Deskbots for attcks and Deskbot 008's effects keeps the Deskbots safe from card targeting effects.

With these new cards, of course I have made some changes in my deck: I had to remove 1 copy of Deskbot 006, 2 copies of Construction Train Signal Red and Jinzo to make room for the new cards (Signal Red and Jinzo will still be included as my side deck). The extra deck has some changes as well, with Deskbot 008 now included, I had added 2 XYZ monsters: Magical Sea Castle Aigaion (which I bought along with Deskbots 007 and 008 2 weeks ago) and Felgrand, The Divine Dragon Knight which I pulled out from my Gagaga Artifact deck. Aside from the 2 Rank 8 monsters, I have added 2 Number XYZ cards: No. 16 Shockmaster and No. 80 Rhapsody in Berserk replacing Tellarknight Ptolemaeus which is now considered Forbidden in the latest OCG banlist, I also had to remove Stellarknight Constellar Diamond as well since I can only summon this through Ptolemy which is now considered useless.

I have remove some Fusion monsters in my extra deck: Naturia Exterio and Twin Cyber Dragon remained in the list and unexpectedly added Barbaroid (which I got just last Saturday) in the list. Of course I have put Blackrose Dragon and Naturia Beast back since I'll be playing on an open format, I haven't think what extra deck cards to put for the SP format deck.

I had also replace 1 copy of Mystical Space Typhoon (MST) with a new Twin Twister magic card (which I also bought last Saturday) as its more powerful than the MST as it can destroy 2 cards in the spell/trap zones at a cost: by discarding 1 card from the hand. Though I only had one copy of Twin Twister, I need to buy 1 or 2 more copies to replace the MSTs in my deck but acquiring these is not easy and quite pricey as you can get only one or 2 copies in the booster box and I don't have the budget to buy a whole booster box.

Well, that's it for now, I can't wait to test play the improvements I made for my Deskbot deck.

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