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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

figma Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill Official Images

figma Satsuki Kiryuin official image 00

Goodsmile Company has posted official images of an upcoming figure soon to be released in the figma line: Satsuki Kiryuin, the once antagonist later became one of the main protagonist from the hit anime series, Kill la Kill.

figma Satsuki Kiryuin official image 01figma Satsuki Kiryuin official image 02
figma Satsuki Kiryuin official image 03figma Satsuki Kiryuin official image 04

The figma Satusuki Kiryuin figure represents her 1st appearance wearing Junketsu, her skimpy Kamui life fiber suit in its battle mode. Fully detailed and articulated, and can do multiple poses seen in the show.

The ruthless student council president of Honnouji Academy will include 3 facial expressions: her signature glaring face, smiling face and shouting face, "Bakuzan" sword with sheath, she will also include 2 versions of the other half of the scissor blade: its normal and decapitation forms, a connector that connects both halves of the scissor blade with the other half is from the recently released figma Ryuko Matoi, a paper cut-out of One-Star Goku Uniform students for background display and a standard figma articulated display stand.

figma Satsuki Kiryuin official image 05

Pre-order of this figure is up at the Goodsmile online shop. Upon pre-ordering this figure, you will receive the Bakuzan Gako and Bakuzan Kouryu blade accessory as a bonus, however this promo is limited from January 27 till February 25, 2015 only and orders of this figure is limited 3 pieces per person.

The figma Satsuki Kiryuin is slated for August release and priced at 6,480 Yen.

figma Satsuki Kiryuin official image 06

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