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Friday, April 22, 2011

Heer0san's Blog: On Backlogs and To Do List

Oh man, I really have tons of backlogs to do and I haven't started or worked on it due to helping a friend or busy at my contract work.

Since its Holy week, I'll try to take some time off on other matters; get some rest and finish what backlog I have right now whether on my blog or custom works. On Saturday, I'm going to be very busy again as I'm going back in the office for another round of contract work and finally get the server fixed as soon as possible, it really is pain in the a** fixing its OS and getting it stable.

Hopefully I would finish this so I can attend this year's Salubong on Easter Sunday morning and helping my friend once more fixing up our toy display in his house (most of my toy collection were also displayed there). For now, I'll be uploading the pics for my upcoming blog posts.

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