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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Official Re-opening of my blog...

Ok, after 2 months of rearranging some fixes, I'm officially opening my secondary blog site.

Why the delay, might ask?

Well for starters, (1) I'm damn too lazy to do for the web and (2) since I'm starting out to do some basic web designing on my own try to learn to make the design of my website using html. But in the end, I only made the title logo for my website, I'll try to work harder to update this for the upcoming months.

Well, I'll try to start posting some news on Anime, Mecha, Technology or anything under the sun in the coming days. Hopefully, I would update this site more than ever aside from my Multiply site and my newly created Robot Fandom Group, Robot Pilipinas. (Thanks to Azrael for creating this site link as well)

SO without further adeau, I'm welcoming you for my re-launch of my Secondary Blog site.

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